About me

About me

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I would like to briefly introduce myself to you a little closer. Finally, you might consider booking me for the most memorable day in your life. So that you know, then, who you’re dealing with, here are a few words about me:

My name is Marina Cipic. Trained as a musical performer, I am a very creative person with lots of ideas and a lot of organizational skills. I was able to use these features in recent years in addition to my work as a musical performer for the planning of various weddings – and I only got positive feedback.

The fun of organizing, planning, decorating, and especially working with people, who can hardly wait for the big day has shown me that this is the right job for me.

After a long relationship, I celebrated my personal dream wedding in 2010. For my husband, myself, and certainly for all of our wedding guests this will remain an unforgettable celebration.

Let me also make your wedding memorable! For me individuality is very important. Every couple is different, every couple wants something special – each pair is unique! Exactly likewise should be the wedding day: a unique day full of beautiful memories.

I’m always paying attention to detail without losing sight of the needs of the couple in mind. No wedding is like the other and each ceremony arranged by me bears another hallmark.

Put your wedding planning confidently into my hands. I will help you to look forward to your day of days… and stay relaxed!


Marina Cipic


The agency philosophy from „Marina Cipic Weddings“ is:

Love, engagement and flexibility.

These three words are very important to me!

I love weddings. I am engaged to the organization and extremely adaptable to any situation. I am always anxious to make every wish possible – freely after the motto: If you are happy, I am also happy!

A wedding is something very personal, intimate and unique. I would like to create your dream wedding: As a personal, intimate and unique day, which you will remember over and over again with pleasure. With me there is no assembly line work – no wedding precipitates like the other. I would work hard to build up a good relation with the bride and groom. This enables me to carry out a purposeful planning with love while focusing on detail and sense for style.

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