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Februar 2018

Zuhause 2018


Impressions of the colorful multi cultural wedding in September!

Februar 13, 2018

And here some more impressions of the crazy wedding I did in September with this wonderful couple. Thanks to Petra Müller Blumen for the wonderful flower arrangements, Wedding Photodesign for the perfect pictures and Nicola from Farbgold for the perfect matching papaterie. It is always a pleasure to organize weddings like this with such a […]


Multi cultural gone wild

Februar 12, 2018

What a wonderful multi cultural wedding from this beautiful couple! A big thanks to Shoop & Bernd for allowing me to organize their big day that was so much fun! Thanks to the girls from LILAFILM that captured these awesome pictures. Ich freue mich über Likes & Shares 🙂


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Ich freue mich über Likes & Shares 🙂